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Courses – 1) Animal Behaviour (MSc/BSc), 2) Evolution (BSc), 3) Ecology (BSc), 4) Population genetics (MSc/BSc), 5) Zoology field trip (MSc/BSc), 6) Advanced Microscopy (BioVision), 7) Insect Biology (MSc) – details see below.

Zweitbenotung – see here.         Betriebspraktikum – see here.

BSc/MSc theses here.       Other useful things – see bottom of the page.

Winter term 2018/19

MSc course Animal Behaviour. 18 to 30 March 2019. Announcement coming soon.

MSc course Insect Biology – listen, discuss, write on the hottest topics in entomology.

Summer term 2018

Ecology/ Umwelt I. Results: Average: 1.7, no-one failed. (Last year’s average 1.9, one failed), Klausureinsicht: 25 Oct 2018, 16-16.30h, room BIO 264.

Evolution. Klausur Results: Average 2.8, two failed (nicht bestanden). (Last year’s average mark: 2.3, one failed). Klausureinsicht: 24 Oct 2018, 16-17h, room BIO 264.

Zoology Field Trip Rhön. Details here.

Ecology. Students’ evaluation results are here. Unfortunately collected on one of the hottest (and hence least attended) days, 15 evaluators.

Winter term 2017/18

MSc course Animal Behaviour. Announcement here.

BSc Biology, summer term 2017

Ecology/ Umwelt I. Klausur 21 July 2017, Results: Average: 1.9, no-one failed. Details here. (Last year’s average 1.7, one failed), Klausureinsicht: 25 Oct 2017, 16-17h, room BIO 264.

Evolution. Klausur 19 July 2017, Results: Average 2.3, one failed. (Last year’s average mark: 1.9, no-one failed). Klausureinsicht: 1 Nov 2017, 16-17h, room BIO 264.

MSc/BSc Zoologische Exkursion Rhön 5-13 June 2017.

Winter term 2016/17

MSc Course Animal Behaviour/ Verhaltensbiologie 20 – 31 March 2017

Summer term 2016 – Bachelor Courses Biology

Ecology/ Umwelt I. Ergebnisse 2016, Total average 1.7, one failed (Last year’s average mark: 1.9, no-one failed). Klausureinsicht: 20 Oct 17h

(Last year’s evaluation results here. Overall satisfaction: 1.7, Average exam mark: 1.7 (no-one failed)

Evolution. Ergebnisse 2016: Total average 2.1, no-one failed (Last year’s average mark: 1.9, no-one failed). NEU: Ergebnisse nach Klausureinsicht. (Last year’s evaluation results here.)

Populations- und Naturschutzgenetik (H. Stuckas, Senckenberg-Museum)

Other useful things

a brief example of how to write a scientific paper, with explanations

An advice by John Thompson – what to do as a PhD student: On being a successful graduate student in the sciences