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Courses – details see below.

BSc/MSc theses (subject to change…) – ZweitbenotungBetriebspraktikum

Suggestions on how to write a thesis here, and see bottom of the page.

Sommer term

BSc MBBT Grundlagen der Evolution und Biodiversität РKlaus Reinhardt (online)

BSc MBBT Insekten – Klaus Reinhardt, Matthias Nuss (partly online)

BSc MBBT 32W01 Biologische Vielfalt und Systematik – Stefanie Wiedmer, Klaus Reinhardt

MSc BioS Advanced Evolutionary Biology

MSc BioS Ecological Lipidology (Marko Brankatschk)

MSc BioS Genetical Forensics (Heiko Stuckas)

Winter term

Science and Society (MSc BioS) – Good Scientific Practice, Philosophy of Science, Science Policy and Politics, Methods, Science Communication

Economically important animals and plants (MSc BioS)

Other useful things

a brief example of how to write a scientific paper, with explanations

An advice by John Thompson – what to do as a PhD student: On being a successful graduate student in the sciences