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Courses – 1) Animal Behaviour (MSc/BSc), 2) Evolution (BSc), 3) Ecology (BSc), 4) Population genetics (MSc/BSc), 5) Zoology field trip (MSc/BSc), 6) Advanced Microscopy (BioVision), 7) Insect Biology (MSc) – details see below.

Zweitbenotung – see here.         Betriebspraktikum – see here.

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Winter term 2018/19

MSc course Animal Behaviour. 18 to 30 March 2019. Announcement via selma.

teaching in previous semesters and exam results, and the evaluation of Professor Reinhardt’s teaching see here.

Populations- und Naturschutzgenetik (H. Stuckas, Senckenberg-Museum)

Other useful things

a brief example of how to write a scientific paper, with explanations

An advice by John Thompson – what to do as a PhD student: On being a successful graduate student in the sciences