PhD student Meeting Bautzen 2017

Conflict and cooperation – bridging evolution, ecology and immunology

We were pleased to announce the PhD student meeting involving (mainly) PhD students of (mainly) the McMahon, Otti, Petrusek, Reinhardt, Rolff and Wolinska labs, from Bayreuth, Berlin, Dresden and Prague. See here for a report in the Newsletter of the German Zoological Society.

The meeting was held 16 to 18 March 2017 in the Youth Hostel in Bautzen,
Jugendherberge Bautzen „Gerberbastei“
Am Zwinger 1, 02625 Bautzen

Invited Speakers:

Lena Bayer-Wilfert, University of Exeter works on the evolutionary genetics of host-parasite interactions. She studies the ecology and evolution of multi-host pathogens in virusses of bees and flies and more. Her website.

Heiko Vogel, MPI for Chemical Ecology, Jena works on the transcriptomics of ecological interactions, including plant defensive actions in insects, insects defenses against enemies and pathogens and a range of extreme environments. His website.

It seems we succeeded…. We aimed to facilitate a highly interactive athmosphere by bringing together around 30 participants and by providing extensive time for discussion. We had sixteen contributed talks and six posters. Talks were 20 min long plus 10 min discussion. Poster presenters had to be prepared for one – or several repeated – 5-minute presentations, and approximately 500 questions afterwards.

The latest programme is here. It seems we shall try again – Adam from Prague or Otti from Bayreuth waved their hands…

And here are two photographs, both (c) Manja Saebelfeld (click on them to enlarge).

Some more impressions are here:

Cheers in a nearby pub on Saturday night, Ensieh, Sara, Ruijian, Jiri, Martin, Loreen (from left).





Same pub, same day. Dino, Bin, Guozhi, Thorben, Pauline (from left).




Serious listening to Heiko’s talk: Reda, Pauline, Uta and two in the dark.




Poster: Defending a contentious issue that was finally resolved: Christin, Dino, Thorben




Poster: Pauline discussing immune priming with Lena Wilfert-Bayer, the Invited Speaker.





Heiko Vogel’s Invited talk spanning specialism/generalism, alkoloids, moths, buyring beetles, transcriptomes, microbiota and much more.

Uta and Jiri discussing next to Biz and Sara (in front of poster).




Photograph probably taken after the talks: Dino, Baydaa, Otti.