Svaty Jan pod Skalou

PhD student Meeting Svaty Jan pod Skalou 2018

Animal evolutionary biology

We were pleased to announce – again – the PhD student meeting involving (mainly) PhD students of (mainly) the Armitage, McMahon, Mikolajewski, Otti, Petrusek, Reinhardt, Rolff, Vinkler and Wolinska and Prague Ecology labs, from Bayreuth, Berlin, Dresden and Prague.

The meeting was held 1 to 4 March 2018 in the old monastry, now teacher’s college of Svaty Jan pod Skalou. See here for an informal report.

Invited Speakers:

Sophie Armitage, Free University of Berlin works on the evolutionary ecology and genetics of insect infection and immunity. She studies molecular mechanisms and phenotypic consequences of resistance, tolerance and immune memory. Her website.

Michal Vinkler, Charles University of Prague, works on interspecific and intraspecific genetic variability in disease resistance and the association between genotype and environment in forming immunophenotype in health and disease. His website.

More details here. (c) of photographs R. Ahmed.