If you are looking for Zweitbetreuung/ Zweitbenotung/ Erstbenotung of your thesis by someone in our lab, here is how:

Send the person an email, or arrange a meeting during the office hours (Sprechstunde), stating your name, degree course and type of thesis. With this email, or with your visit, please bring along (or explain in person) a brief outline of one, max two pages (representing part of the Introduction of your future thesis) stating

1) the (tentative) title of your thesis,

2) A few sentences of introduction into the scientific problem (Why are you doing this work). Please note, it is the scientific problem of your thesis I am interested in, not in the economic, medical or other reason why your work might be useful to society. Your first impression will be superb if you put in one to max 5 key references of .

3) How will you solve the problem? By what nethod and what exactly will you measure. For example, carry out ovarectomy and then compare the tail length of ten mice to 10 control mice; I will compare the thickness of the cuticle of 20 males and 20 females; I will knock in mutation X by CRISR-Cas9 and measure enzyme activity)

4) Ideally this will make you think what kind of data you will get (e.g. mean enzyme concentrations; phylogenetic distances; proportions of certain behaviours; detailed histological sections). Actually, at this stage you could already say which statistical test you will need – but we can figure that out together.

We will respond within a few days, if you haven’t heard for a week, please don’t be shy and send a reminder.

Many thanks, Klaus Reinhardt