MSc theses

We supervise any theses that fall into our research areas, which are here. Other topics are possible, if you can convince any postdoctoral scientist in our lab that the topic is scientifically interesting. A thesis in our lab works like that:

1) Please contact us only if you have finished about 80% of your exams.

2) Please let us know in what of our research topics you are broadly interested in. Ideally read a paper before and be as specific as possible what you would like to investigate. (If you just want to be given some topic and work down the protocols for your thesis, then please choose a different lab, our focus is on thinking, not technical protocols).

3) At the first meeting you will discuss and agree about a topic with your supervisor. You will then read some more papers on the topic, and summarize in writing what you’ve learned. You will get feedback on your write-up and get the chance to revise it. This write-up, and some help by us, will enable you to think of an experiment for your research question. You will present this experiment to our lab and get feedback from the group. This write-up and presentation of the experiment is usually the ‘Forschungsspezialisierung’. At the same time, it is the Introduction of your thesis. Once this is done, you can start lab (or field) work.

Our suggestion of How to write a thesis outline… also applies to MSc theses. Please have a look.