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May 2023. Klaus’ tolerance model in sexual conflict, ignored in science, but covered in a journal for school teachers to prepare for the exam. pdf (in German)

May 2023. Our Neozoa exhibition covered by the BILD Zeitung. pdf

May 2023. Klaus interviewed by Deutschlandfunk on three-parent babies.

Dec 2022. Lennart’s paper in Funct Ecol is covered by Nature Climate Change. Link

July 2022. The results of our student practical ‘Insects’ – the world’s largest population of an antlion. Covered by MDR, ZEIT, Süddeutsche, Deutschlandfunk, RTL and others. Mostly the same Text, though, but plagiarism in journalism doesn’t seem to count.

Dec 2021. Lennart’s research on Stronger net selection in the animal kingdom is covered by UniJournal 2021, issue 20 Link, the mdr, Ministry for Education and Research,

29 June 2021. Klaus cited in a contribution by Deutsche Welle to the Wissenschaftszeitgesetz. Link

17 Dec 2020. The monthly magazine Das Magazin (Jan 2021) publishes Klaus’ reportage about the bedbug ‘farm’ of collaborator Richard Naylor, with a surprise connection to Harry Potter. link to magazine (no online version).

13 July 2020. Press coverage of Veronika’s paper on IRONsperm: A new role for sperm in Nature Middle East.

13 July 2020. Press coverage of Veronika’s paper on IRONsperm: A suit of iron turns sperm cells into spermbots. Chemistry World.

29 Feb 2020. Interview with Klaus on his experiences as an Open Topics Professor at TU Dresden. Link  pdf.

15 Jan 2020. Sperm, two photons and more. Press release on Conni’s paper (in German, English).

8 Dec 2019. Good sperm bad sperm – Coverage of Veronika’s work on the metabolism of  swim-up sperm in Sächsische Zeitung. Link

29 Nov. See Tag24’s contribution on Veronika’s research, quite blue. Link

28 Nov. See TU Dresden press release on Veronika’s paper. Link.

Sept/ Oct 2019. A report on our research on bedbugs in MDR Aktuell radio. Link “Die Bettwanze als geniales Forschungsobjekt” – on attachment, sexual conflict, antibiotics.

Also “Die Rückkehr der Bettwanzen”. Link in MDR Aktuell radio.

31 August 2019. Klaus in the radio MDR Aktuell on the evolution of blood sucking. Audio and Text.

22 August 2019. The SaaleZeitung reports in quite some detail about aspects of the Zoology field trip to the Rhön, with the University of Tübingen, including mark-recapture population estimates of a threatened grasshopper. Link

May 2019. Our phylogeny of bedbugs found attention in The New York Times, Science, BBC, CNN, The Smithsonian, Fox News, Science Daily, The Daily Mirror, The Daily Mail, The Times, MDR, Focus, Die Welt, Wiener Zeitung, Süddeutsche Zeitung, Sächsische Zeitung, Sächsisches Tageblatt and several others. Also see a BBC video. Science was kind enough to link Klaus’ book on the Cultural History of the Bedbug to the article.

April 2019. Choice connect, a publication of the Association of College and Research Libraries of the American Library Association publishes a favourable book review on Bedbug: “Recommended”. “Science combined with history, psychology, economics, culture, and society to inform, entertain, and advise readers….

March 2019. Review of Bedbug in spring 2019 edition of  Antenna. “Klaus Reinhardt has produced a thought provoking book that explores a twenty-first century entomological taboo, dispelling many of the myths that surround this insect and revealing a fascinating if not entirely welcome invertebrate.

12 Dec 2018. Bedbug mentioned in American Entomologist.

Dec 2018. Review of Bedbug in Insect-Nytt 43 (3/4): 49 (Norway). “a must read for all interested in entomology and cultural history…  a pure reading pleasure.”

1 Sept 2018. Review of Bedbug in Pest magazine. “this compact book not only provides a good scientific run down of this pest, but offers it in an amusing, and often light hearted, manner.”

21 Aug 2018. A tight miss – At 15:53 Sky News asked Klaus per e-mail whether he would be available for interview at 16:10 on Bedbug (the book).

22 May 2018. Coverage of our meta-analysis and risk assessment of Mitochondrial Replacement Therapy in Ärztezeitung.

24 April 2018. Klaus speaks at the Children’s University. Link to press report about lecture and Link in the Dresdner Neueste Nachrichten to Klaus’ lecture. Pictures here and a facebook link on 27 April apparently calls the lecture world class and Klaus a top professor.

7 Mar 2018. A letter to Laborjournal mocking on the denial of the dramatic decrease in biomass of flying insects published in the Laborjournal (original here).

13 Feb 2018. Veronika’s project on sperm bots on the central TU Dresden website Link and in several local newspapers such as Dresdner Neueste Nachrichten, Sächsische Zeitung, Freie Presse, but also television and national newspapers, Süddeutsche Zeitung, Die WELT, Deutschlandfunk (top news and audio clip) and MDR (audio – in German).

4 Nov 2017. Online and in print, the Kieler Nachrichten are enthusiastic about the Darwin Day that Colleagues from the Kiel Evolution Center organise every year. Klaus speaks in front of 1200 pupils (10 to 12 th grade).

3 Apr 2017. Short portrait of our 2016 BeLL student, Lisa-Marie Pumpa from St Afra High School, who did her project Attachment stuctures and Oviposition with us. She made it to the final of the Saxony-wide round of ‘Jugend forscht. See here in the Sächs.Z.

29 Mar 2017. Short comment by Klaus in ZEIT Magazin on bedbugs. Link. The hour that the phone interview took can be considered wasted time.

21 Jan 2017. Profund and balanced coverage of Mitochondrial Replacement Therapy in the Neue Zürcher Zeitung refers to our work. Link.

1 Dec 2016. Klaus in Scientific American on Mitochondrial Replacement. Link

24 Nov 2016. Dresdner Neueste Nachrichten: Laboratory in Dresden bug-riddled: Fast evolution in bedbugs and other scientific bits. With microscopy hints by Conni. Link. The Mitteldeutsche Zeitung hopped in a few days later. here.

29 Sept 2016. Klaus’ concerns on the announcement that the first three-parent baby was born in Mexico: Tagesspiegel and Wired and Science Media Centre

27 July 2016. Interview with Klaus – Die Welt: Also look for bedbugs in the Bible. Link

19 May 2016. Feinde im Bett – Freie Presse mentions Klaus’ work.

8 May 2016. Welt am Sonntag on bedbugs, mentions some of Klaus’ work. Link

Asiago_Mopo11 Apr 2016 Quite an unusual honour. The dragonfly Asiagomphus reinhardti has been named after Klaus. Which the press seemed to find interesting.

more here or here or here. More important is actually the notion that even large insect species can be newly discovered in the South East Asian mountainous forests. Luckily, and unlike a lot of thers, the species was described before it got extinct by forest-logging. See here for a link to an organisation that supports research and protection of dragonflies in South East Asia and other parts of the world, the International Dragonfly Fund.

3 Feb 2016 Coverage of the bedbug genome paper, with scientists from mainly the US and Germany. See the reports by Dresdner Neueste Nachrichten, Sächsische Zeitung, Bild der Wissenschaft, SwissInfo, Focus (Link) (as usual way out of context), World News (whatever this is, looks like an automated news collector) as well as Deutschlandfunk, die Welt (both did not even notice that several German researchers were involved).

18 Mar 2016 Schwäbisches Tagblatt on the bedbug genome and the other things usually reported about bedbugs. Later Stuttgarter Zeitung: Link

20 May 2015 MDR1 Radio Sachsen plays extracts of Klaus’ interview about invasive animal species.

7 May 2015 Laborjournal cites Klaus’ critical assessment of the Mitochondrial Replacement Therapy (aka three-parent baby technology). (link)

UJ_04_2015_k3 March 2015 Dresdner Uni-Journal

also see here

26 Feb 2015 Listen to Klaus’ Interview with Kulturradio RBB.

26 Feb 2015 Bugs on the Berlin Volksbuehne BOOKS Pavillion

BIld_2015-02-2727 Feb 2015 BILD Dresden

18 Feb 2015, the FOCUS, too, mixing facts and fiction but providing a good explanation of the function of resilin.

16 Feb 2015 in The Scientist on Tolerance in sexual conflict

11 Feb 2015 on Tolerance in sexual conflict

10 Feb 2015 in Science online on Tolerance in sexual conflict

27 Nov 2014 VBiol: Gene versus Lebenswandel

21 Nov 2014 Morgenpost Dresden


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