Previous years’ exam and evaluation results


Grundlagen der Evolution und Biodiversität. Exam 24 July. Average exam mark:

Evolution. Exam 24 July. Klausur Average exam mark

Insekten. Oral exam: all passed. Write-up ecofaunistic project. Due 31 July. Average mark:


Ecology/ Umwelt I. Average exam mark: 2.2, no-one failed (nicht bestanden).

Evolution. Klausur Average exam mark 2.6, no-one failed (nicht bestanden).

Animal Behaviour. Essay: Average mark 1.6.


Ecology/ Umwelt I. Results: Average: 1.7, no-one failed. Students’ evaluation results are here, collected on one of the hottest (hence only 15 evaluators).

Evolution. Klausur Results: Average 2.8, two failed (nicht bestanden).


Ecology/ Umwelt I. Klausur 21 July 2017, Results: Average: 1.9, no-one failed. Details here.

Evolution. Klausur 19 July 2017, Results: Average 2.3, one failed.

Animal Behaviour: Average mark: 1.9


Ecology/ Umwelt I. Average exam mark: 1.7, one failed.

Evolution. Ergebnisse 2016: Total average 2.1, no-one failed


Ecology. Average exam mark: 1.7 (no-one failed). Evaluation Results for Prof. Reinhardt here. Overall satisfaction: 1.7

Evolution. Average exam mark: 1.9 (no-one failed).