Theses in our lab

Currently, there are a number of projects available in our lab, see below. Most are on insects. Other topics are possible, if you can convince us that the topic is scientifically interesting. A thesis in our lab works like that: We first agree about a topic. Then you will read some papers on the topic, and summarize in writing what you’ve learned. You will get feedback on your write-up. Then likely revise your writing. Then you will think about a cool experiment to address your topic, and present the idea for the experiment to the lab. This is usually your Forschungspraktikum. You will then get feedback and can start your thesis work, fully supervised.

Topics for theses. Please click on them for details

How to write a thesis outline…

1. [BSc, MSc] Do microbes affect the evolution of genitalia?
2. [BSc, MSc] Strategic sperm allocation in beetles – from summer 2021
3. [BSc, MSc] Genitalia morphology in beetles – from summer 2021
4. [BSc, MSc] Sperm – microbe interactions
5. [BSc, MSc] Lipids and sperm function
6. [BSc, MSc] Sexual selection and population density – topic not available
7. [BSc, MSc] Confocal microscopy of FAD fluorescence
8. [BSc, MSc] Why and how do [bedbug] sperm cells aggregate?
9. [BSc, MSc] Sperm motility and male age
10. [BSc] In vitro culture of the copulatory organ of an insect