Special Interest Group (SIG) Arthropod Cuticle


We are pleased to announce that the Special Interest Group ‘Arthropod Cuticle of the Royal Entomological Society will be hosted in southern England on 11./12. April 2017


SEE HERE for a meeting report of the Dresden September 2015 meeting.

We aim to facilitate an interactive athmosphere by hosting around 30 participants and by providing extensive time for discussion. We will focus on two special themes:    1) Cuticle Optics      2) Cuticle Biomechanics

See here for previous meetings of the SIG.

Local organisers: Stuart Reynolds (Univ Bath)

To apply, please submit a 100-word abstract for a poster or a 15-minute talk. It is very simple: 1) Please state whether you apply for a poster or a talk. 2) Please also indicate whether you take part in A) the pre-meeting programme, B) the evening get-together, C) the post-meeting programme. The deadline for registration is 31 January.

Programme of the Dresden Meeting: download here as a .pdf

Abstracts of the Dresden meeting here as .pdf download.