Cuticle Meeting 2015

Special Interest Group (SIG) Arthropod Cuticle

The essentials

Preliminary Programme (.pdf download here). Preliminary Abstracts here.

8. September 2015

9:30 – 11:00 Hans Peter Wiesmann, Head of Biomaterials Research, TU Dresden: Biomaterials, Nanotechnology, Polymers Research: The Max-Bergmann Center of Biomaterials Dresden 

Meeting place & time: 9.30 sharply on the NW side (Budapester Straße) of the Max-Bergmann Center (= orange building on the map). 5 min from main station.

12:00 Registration & Poster upping at Biology Building, Zellescher Weg 20b (= orange building on the map in relation to main station).

13:00 Brief Welcome to the SIG meeting – informal call for election of two convenors

13:15 Keynote talk: Thomas Schmitt Ecology affects the composition of arthropod cuticular hydrocarbon profiles

14:00 – 18:00 Talks, Discussion, Posters

18:00 Departure to beer garden

9. September 2015

from 8:00 poster viewing

9:00 Keynote talk: Yael Politi Chitin fiber-orientation in arthropod cuticle and its relation to the cuticle mechanical properties

10:00 – 12:00 Talks, Discussion

14:00 post-meeting walk

See here for more details