Technical Staff


Robert Broschas

Robert is our secretary.

Susanne Broschk

Suse is technician. She has joined us on 1 April 2020.

Christin Froschauer
Christin is our lab genius. Everything from qPCR, insect cultures, fly culture & mutant maintenance, to lab consumables management, microscopy and student supervision. Lately CRISPR.
Yvonne Henker

Yvonne is our safety officer. Absolutely everything! Thank You! And masters the entire fishy stuff. And does the genotyping.



Christian Kolberg

Optics and Electronics genius. Lab engineer, all network & maintenance, microscopy & maintenance, network-microscopy connection, laser safety.

Cornelia Thodte
Cornelia is our histology genius. She is responsible for keeping the mitochondrial introgression lines, our most valuable resource. She also looks into other insect cultures, lab consumables management, microscopy, lab safety….
Nadja Zimmermann
Nadja is animal caretaker and shares her worktime between our and other groups, fish, flies, mice.