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My favourite publications:

Reinhardt K, Breunig HG, König K. Autofluorescence lifetime variation in the cuticle of the bedbug Cimex lectularius. Arthropod Structure and Development 46: 56-62.

Dobler R. & Reinhardt, K. Heritability, evolvability, phenotypic plasticity and temporal variation in sperm-competition success of Drosophila melanogaster. Journal of evolutionary biology, 29: 929-941.

Reinhardt K, Dobler R, Abbott J (2016) An ecology of sperm: Natural selection and sperm diversification. Annual Reviews of Ecology, Evolution and Systematics 45.

Benoit JB, Adelman ZN, Reinhardt K et al. (2015) Unique features of a global human ectoparasite identified through sequencing of the bed bug genome. Nature Communications,

Reinhardt K, Breunig HG, Uchugonova A, König K (2015) Sperm metabolism is altered during storage by female insects: evidence from two-photon autofluorescence lifetime measurements in bedbugs. J Roy Soc Interface 12: 20150609

Morrow EDH, Reinhardt K, Wolff J, Dowling DK (2015) Risks inherent to mitochondrial replacement. EMBO Reports doi: 10.15252/embr.201439110

Michels J, Gorb S, Reinhardt K (2015) Reduction of female copulatory damage by resilin represents evidence for tolerance in sexual conflict. Journal of the Royal Society Interface doi:

Otti O, Johnston PR, Horsburgh G, Galindo J, Reinhardt K (2015) Female transcriptomic response to male genetic and nongenetic ejaculate variation. Behavioral Ecology, doi: 10.1093/beheco/aru209

Reinhardt K, Anthes N, Lange R (2014) Copulatory wounding and traumatic insemination. Cold Spring Harb Persp Biol, Rice & Gavrilets (eds): Sexual Conflict.

Fountain T, Duvaux L, Horsburgh G, Reinhardt K, Butlin RK (2014) Human-facilitated metapopulation dynamics in an emerging pest species, Cimex lectularius. Molecular Ecology 23: 1071-1084

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  • Genetics Podcast – October 2012
  • Naked Scientists – BBC Radio East/Podcast – November 2012
  • BBC Online – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/education-25947072, 30 Jan 2014
  • Daily Mail – 30 Jan 2014

Reinhardt K, Dowling DK, Morrow EDH (2013) Mitochondria replacement, Evolution, and the Clinic. Science 341:1345-1346

  • recommended by Faculty1000
  • read the BBC’s report about it
  • read the New Scientist’s report about it
  • read the Laborjournal’s editorial about it
  • See here the statement by British government authority who have, within hours, dismissed our findings. More to come…
  • The article has been used as evidence in a debate in the British Parliament and a meeting of the Food and Drug Association (FDA)
  • Artikel auf deutsch: Wechselwirkung zwischen dem Erbgut von Mitochondrien und Zellkern. Konsequenzen für aktuelle Überlegungen zur Mitochondrienersatztherapie. Naturwissenschaftliche Rundschau 67: 123-127.

Reinhardt K, Ribou A-C (2013) Females become infertile as the stored sperm’s oxygen radicals increase. Sci Rep 3:2888

Lange R, Reinhardt K, Michiels N, Anthes N (2013) Functions, mechanisms, and evolution of traumatic mating. Biol Rev 88:585-601

  • Spektrum der Wissenschaft 21 (5): 21-26 (2013)

Otti O, McTighe AP, Reinhardt K (2013) In vitro antimicrobial sperm protection by an ejaculate-like substance. Funct Ecol 27:219-226

Reinhardt K (2013) The Entomological Institute of the Waffen-SS: evidence for offensive biological warfare research in the Third Reich. Endeavour 37: 220-227

Seidel C, Reinhardt K (2013) Bugging forecast: Unknown, disliked, occasionally intimate. Bed bugs in Germany meet unprepared people. PLoS ONE 8:e51083

Ribou A-C, Reinhardt K (2012) Reduced metabolic rate and oxygen radicals production in stored insect sperm. Proc R Soc Lond B 279:2196-2203

Reinhardt K, Otti O. (2012) Comparing sperm swimming speed. Evolutionary Ecology Research 14: 1039-1056

Reinhardt K, Naylor R, Siva-Jothy MT (2009) Ejaculate components delay reproductive senescence while elevating female reproductive rate in an insect. PNAS 106:21743-21747

Reinhardt K, Naylor R, Siva-Jothy MT (2009) Situation exploitation: higher male mating success when female resistance is reduced by feeding. Evolution 63:29-39

  • The Wellcome News May 2009

Reinhardt K (2007) Evolutionary consequences of sperm cell aging. Quarterly Review of Biology 82:375-393

Reinhardt K, Harney E, Naylor R, Gorb S, Siva-Jothy MT (2007) Female-limited genitalia polymorphism in a traumatically inseminating insect. American Naturalist 170:931-935

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  • New Scientist
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  • ScienceNews
  • Die Zeit Weblog

Reinhardt K, Siva-Jothy MT (2007) Biology of bed bugs (Cimicidae). Annual Review of Entomology 52:351-374

  • downloaded ~9100 times

Reinhardt K, Siva-Jothy MT (2005) An advantage for young sperm in the house cricket Acheta domesticus. Am Nat 165:718-723

  • ScienceNow, 12 April 2005

Reinhardt K, Köhler G, Detzel P, Maas J (2005) Low dispersal ability and habitat specificity promote extinctions in rare but not in widespread species: the Orthoptera of Germany. Ecography 28:593-602

Reinhardt K, Naylor R, Siva-Jothy MT (2003) Reducing a cost of traumatic insemination: female bed bugs evolve a unique organ. Proc R Soc Lond B 270:2371-2375

  • The Scientist Nov 2003
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