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Most publications can be found on my ResearchGate site. I am also interested in local insect fauna, and write about it. That’s here. Below are

My favourite publications:

Reinhardt K, Voigt D, Gorb SN. 2019. Evidence for a sexually selected function of the attachment system in bedbugs Cimex lectularius (Heteroptera, Cimicidae). Journal of Experimental Biology

Roth S, …, Reinhardt K. 2019. Bedbugs (Cimicidae) evolved before their bat hosts and did not co-speciate with ancient humans. Current Biology 29: 1847–1853. Link (behind paywall but see the nice video abstract)

Dobler R, Dowling DK, Morrow EH, Reinhardt K. 2018. A systematic review and meta-analysis reveals pervasive effects of germline mitochondrial replacement on components of health. Human Reproduction Update. Link

Reinhardt K. 2018. Bedbug. Animal Series, ReaktionBooks, London. (Click on book for a link to publisher)



Otti O, Deines P, Hammerschmidt K, Reinhardt K. 2017. Regular wounding in a natural system: bacteria associated with reproductive organs of bedbugs and their quorum sensing abilities. Frontiers in Immunology (Molecular Innate Immunity) 8:1855. Link

Reinhardt K, Dobler R, Abbott J 2015. An ecology of sperm: Natural selection and sperm diversification. Annual Reviews of Ecology, Evolution and Systematics 45.

Michels J, Gorb S, Reinhardt K. 2015. Reduction of female copulatory damage by resilin represents evidence for tolerance in sexual conflict. Journal of the Royal Society Interface doi:

Otti O, Johnston PR, Horsburgh G, Galindo J, Reinhardt K. 2015. Female transcriptomic response to male genetic and nongenetic ejaculate variation. Behavioral Ecology, doi: 10.1093/beheco/aru209

Reinhardt K, Anthes N, Lange R. 2014. Copulatory wounding and traumatic insemination. In Rice, W. R. & Gavrilets, S. (eds): Sexual Conflict. Cold Spring Harbor Perspectives in Biology, pp. 115-140, link

Fountain T, Duvaux L, Horsburgh G, Reinhardt K, Butlin RK. 2014. Human-facilitated metapopulation dynamics in an emerging pest species, Cimex lectularius. Molecular Ecology 23: 1071-1084

  • BBC Nature – July 2012
  • You and Yours – BBC Radio 4 – September 2012
  • Drivetime – BBC Radio Sheffield – September 2012
  • Genetics Podcast – October 2012
  • Naked Scientists – BBC Radio East/Podcast – November 2012
  • BBC Online – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/education-25947072, 30 Jan 2014
  • Daily Mail – 30 Jan 2014

Reinhardt K. 2014. Literarische Wanzen. Neofelis Verlag. Link.  Or here on youtube.

Reinhardt K, Dowling DK, Morrow EDH. 2013. Mitochondria replacement, Evolution, and the Clinic. Science 341:1345-1346

  • recommended by Faculty1000
  • read the BBC’s report about it
  • read the New Scientist’s report about it
  • read the Laborjournal’s editorial about it
  • See here the statement by British government authority who have, within hours, dismissed our findings. More to come…
  • The article has been used as evidence in a debate in the British Parliament and a meeting of the Food and Drug Association (FDA)
  • Artikel auf deutsch: Wechselwirkung zwischen dem Erbgut von Mitochondrien und Zellkern. Konsequenzen für aktuelle Überlegungen zur Mitochondrienersatztherapie. Naturwissenschaftliche Rundschau 67: 123-127.

Reinhardt K, Ribou A-C. 2013. Females become infertile as the stored sperm’s oxygen radicals increase. Sci Rep 3:2888

Lange R, Reinhardt K, Michiels N, Anthes N. 2013. Functions, mechanisms, and evolution of traumatic mating. Biological Reviews 88: 585-601

  • Spektrum der Wissenschaft 21 (5): 21-26 (2013)

Otti O, McTighe AP, Reinhardt K (2013) In vitro antimicrobial sperm protection by an ejaculate-like substance. Funct Ecol 27:219-226

Reinhardt K. 2013. The Entomological Institute of the Waffen-SS: evidence for offensive biological warfare research in the Third Reich. Endeavour 37: 220-227

Seidel C, Reinhardt K (2013) Bugging forecast: Unknown, disliked, occasionally intimate. Bed bugs in Germany meet unprepared people. PLoS ONE 8:e51083

Ribou A-C, Reinhardt K (2012) Reduced metabolic rate and oxygen radicals production in stored insect sperm. Proc R Soc Lond B 279:2196-2203

Reinhardt K, Otti O. (2012) Comparing sperm swimming speed. Evolutionary Ecology Research 14: 1039-1056

Reinhardt K, Naylor R, Siva-Jothy MT (2009) Ejaculate components delay reproductive senescence while elevating female reproductive rate in an insect. PNAS 106:21743-21747

Reinhardt K, Naylor R, Siva-Jothy MT (2009) Situation exploitation: higher male mating success when female resistance is reduced by feeding. Evolution 63:29-39

  • The Wellcome News May 2009

Reinhardt K (2007) Evolutionary consequences of sperm cell aging. Quarterly Review of Biology 82:375-393

Reinhardt K, Harney E, Naylor R, Gorb S, Siva-Jothy MT (2007) Female-limited genitalia polymorphism in a traumatically inseminating insect. American Naturalist 170:931-935

  • Nature News
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Reinhardt K, Siva-Jothy MT (2007) Biology of bed bugs (Cimicidae). Annual Review of Entomology 52:351-374

Reinhardt K, Siva-Jothy MT (2005) An advantage for young sperm in the house cricket Acheta domesticus. Am Nat 165:718-723

  • ScienceNow, 12 April 2005

Reinhardt K, Naylor R, Siva-Jothy MT (2003) Reducing a cost of traumatic insemination: female bed bugs evolve a unique organ. Proc R Soc Lond B 270:2371-2375

  • The Scientist Nov 2003
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