Klaus Reinhardt

Klaus Reinhardt

I am interested in sperm evolution, sperm ecology and sperm metabolism. I am also interested in insects, such as the lovely bedbugs (see here for a youtube video that brings them closer to you than you may everwish to be).The crown is obviously to combine both topics. Publications and citations are here. And here, too. Research Interests are here. Within our lab, three subgroups follow somewhat separate strings of research with hopefully and ever increasing tendency to connect them – Sperm Biology and Mito-Nuclear Interactions, and Spermatognesis. Also, I have a faible for Cultural Entomology.

Previous Affiliations

2014 Max Planck Institute for Chemical Ecology, Department of Evolutionary Neuroethology (Visiting Scientist)

2010 -2014 Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen, Institute for Ecology and Evolution (Volkswagen Foundation)

12/10, 04/11 Institute for Advanced Studies (Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin)

2010 Université de Perpignan, Visiting Professor (Professeur visité)

2005 – 2010 University of Sheffield, Dept of Animal & Plant Sciences, Independent Research Fellow (NERC, Wellcome Trust)

2002 – 2005 University of Sheffield, Dept of Animal & Plant Sciences, postdoc

2001 – 2002 University of Leeds, postdoc with Roger Butlin (Marie Curie Fellowship)

2001 Illinois State University, postdoc with Scott Sakaluk (Feodor-Lynen Stipendium of the Alexander-von-Humboldt Foundation)